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3 a 56-year old woman has now died after a hit and run in west baltimore earlier this wee. week.this morning... no arrests have been made... but
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police say they have it all on . camera.tom rrdgers is here with more on why that's not helping the case... plus your other top stories of the morning. veronica gray died yesterday after beingg injured in a sunday.she and hhr fiance wallace mazon were crossing in the crosswalk at the corner of freemont avenne and winchester when a four door silver sedan prashed into them and then drove off.a blue light camera caught the hit and run on video is too the invvstigation is at a (38:17)they record all the day activity iis no way possible they can make out a car a person license plate or nothing of who murdered my moth. mother.if you have any information you are asked to call the baltimore city accident investigation nit at 410-396-2606. morgan state univerisity is stepping up security after lass week's shooting on campus. campus.kelly ellerbee is
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charged with attempted murddr. police say he opened fire on 19-year-old michael campbell in a dispture over drugs at remains in the hospital since the's president says the school's taken precautions... to improve safety. "of course, we've moved fooward and we have placed some additional securitty guards in the student center and some of the high traffic building areas on campus and oo course, we're looking at best practices amongst urban country. i have a task force thhts in place looking at what someeof those best practices ar" are."ellerbee was identified by several witnesses who saw him running from the scene. security at morgan will have re-inforcements in the form of secret service agents.first lady michelle obama is visiting the campus today... for a fundraising is ánotá open to thh public. today marks one year since the military's repeal of its "don't ask, don't tell" nearly 17 years... gay and lesbian soldiers were
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expected to deny their sexuality or face dismissal as part of the controversial policy. according to new study out of california... the rrpeal has had "no overall negative impact on military readiness." a texas mom is arrested for not properly supervising her kids. kids.her neighbor called he cops... because she thought tammy cooper was letting her kids ride motorized scooters py themselves.cooper was &parrested for chhld endangerment... and spent 18 hours in jaal overnight. cooper says: "so, we we outside. i took my awn chair and put it on the sidewalk wwere i always sit and watch them outside when they're an hour and a half, two hours, got tiredd we came inside, started getting their pajamas the end of our day, and about thirty minutes aftee that, i looked out my window and see a laporte police officer at the
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end of my driveway." driveway." the charges were later dropped. the space shuttle endeavour is almost home. on thursday... it landed at edwards air force base... on the back of aajumbo jet. today... endeavour will make its way to los angeles... where it will retire... and go on display for the puulic to see. a new survey by "travelocity"... finds you'll get the best deels on airline tickets... if you book on a tuesday.that's because airlines launch their sales a hotel room... the early bird doesn't always get the worm. "travelocity" says the longer you wait... the more you'll save.the best time to book is one week before your trip. 3 the iphone 5 is now officially on sale in the u-s.stores on phe east coast opened at 8 this morning... but we weren't the first to
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get our hands on apple's latest gadget. gadget.couutdown nats nats chhck out this video from australia.they were the first to get the new iphone. and here you can see people in new yorr at apple's flagship store... ááad lib livelookáá 3 some people here in baltiiore already have their
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hands on the phone. phone. joel d. smith is live at a verizon store in timonium to find out if it lives up to the hype. good mornnng joel d. thinnest and llghtest i-phone everlarger disppay taller, not wider ... now 4 inches.faster
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wi-fi andddownloads.better battery life.hd viieo with better stabilizatton.turn by turn spoken directions.... map flyovers. already, the company had to push out some deliveries to october after early online purchases topped 2-m in 24 hrs, twice the record set last year with the iphone is introducing the iphone 5 across the world device's 5 previous debuts. tte iphone 5 will go on sale in 22 more countries on 28 september, apple said, and it pill be in more than 100 countries by the end of the year.
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3 we could learn next week... if winter will come early.that is... if you believe ácrabsá have the ability to make eather predict. predictions.onnwednesday... "baltimore bill" will walk off a plank at the inner harborrif will be an early winter.if he
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goes off the left?... a warm fa. &pfall.the event will take plac near the new "world oo flavors" retail location... opened by old bay maker, mccormick and company. they're some of the best country.sytycd performance nats natsyour chance to win tickets to the "so you think you can dance" live tour... in just 10 . minutes.and next... the local program that makks sailing for tte handicapped... possible. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out))
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3 the downtown sailing center is ready to set sail for ya' gotta regatta.lynn handy from the downtown sailing center joins us live for this mornings homeeown hotspot. - how does the downtown sailinn center play a
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&prole in yaa gotta regatta?- what other events does the downtown sailing center offer? -how can people get involved? involved? the yy' gotta regatta is happening saturday,
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september 22nd at the downtown sailing center . for more information log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. sse moves like these... live in person. person.sytycd performance nats natsyour chance to win tickets to the "so you think you can &pbreak.ive tour... after the b. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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3 america's favorite dancers aree coming to baltimore. baltimore.the "so you think you can dance live tour" will be at the modell performmng arts center at the lyric on november 28th at are available now at ticketmaster dot com.but we want to get you free.the th and 5th callers right now at 410-481-4545 win a pair of ticcets. pickets.all our winners will be entered into a grand prize drawing for a meet and greet with the contestants.later phis hour we'll draw the winner!!for ccmpllte contest rules go to 3 foxbaltimore dot com. 3 3
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for more information about the maryland s-p-c-a go to our website foxbaltimore dot com slash morning. become a lifesaver. lifesaver.three things you need to know to do c-p-r... where you can go to learn it in person. youure watching fox 45 ggod day nn!nn!n!n!n! savv someones life with just a
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few steps. the baltimore city fire department and the american heart asssciation are teachinn us how to perform - p-r.captaii tavon claggett from the balttmore city ffrr department joins us live this morning with more, - why is it so important to learn c-p-r? - now... your going to show us how to perform
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c-p-r-...with only our hands... ii this just as effective as using our mooth?- can you show us how to perform weekend? time? the event this - to register for the hands only c-p-r class log
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on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. still ahead... why smiling is now banned in parts of new jjrsey. 45 good day baltimore. g fox
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quarnatiie map 3
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here's a lookkat this morning's top stories. seven people are still recovering ... after a driver-less.. m-t-a bussruns into a mondawmin bus shelter in northwest was a 60 foot bus with two sections connected in the m-t-a spokesman says there was a driver on the bus... but she wasn't behind the wheel because a shift change was about to take place.there were no passengers aboard... still nearby commuters couldnt' believe what happened. 3:08:14 and all f a sudden i seen this bus just going turnnng into the curb3:17:36
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he tore the booth up right there where your waiting for the bus 3:21:57 we'll figure out what exactly happened here cuz safety is our highest priority the last thing we want to do is see an accident with the company since 1997. the ideo from cameras at the sation and on the bus are being reviewed. security at morgan will have re-inforcements in the form of secret service agents.first lady michelle obama is visiting the campus today... for a fundraising event.ittmay be difficult to get a glimpse of her though...the eventt is ánotá open to the public. in new jersey... smiling is now ábannedá... for people getting their driver license picture ttken.that's &pbecause the state is using aa new facial recognition software... tt help identify residents. the technology they are using is so sensitive.... that even displaying your pearly whites capabilities. with its the iphone 5 is offically on sale.the new apple gadget launched at 8 a-m ... and some
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people in baltimore already have their hands on it. joel d. ssith is live in meets theehype. good e morning joel d. 33
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each step counts and provides awareness for fooddallergies. the faan walk for food allergy is taking place this sunday. eric jensen from walk for food allergy joins us ive this abouu this event?- why is it - so importann to raise awareness?-
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can people still register for the walk?
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walk? for more information about thh faan walk for food allergy log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. someone's about to get up close and personal.. with these guys. nats natswe announce the winner of a meet and greet with the "so you thinkkyou can dance" contestants... in just 20 minut. minutes.. you're watching fox 45 good day ((toss to weather)) 3
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((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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weather kid tease some of the things we hear on this show.. are just unbelievab. unbelievable.22:24:23:01 meg "i don't! what?!" whaa?!"the sounnbite that had megan reacting like this. this.and next... how this dish.. could help your marriage. you're
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baltimore. - of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. ♪ nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. nature valley, nature at its most delicious.
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years ahead of his time with a brilliant legal mind william penn dreamed of a country founded by principles of freedom, religious liberty, and individual rights... "all the things that were non-existent in the world at that time." and those radical ideas of a self-governing people became the foundation for our bill of rights. "that's a huge precedent. that's what jefferson saw. that's what we're still seeing today." on the "700 club" friday at 10:00 a.m. 3
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3 add aalittle of this and a your married life. father leo - patalinghug from grace before meals dot com joins us live &pthis morning to tell us about his new book.- tell us about your book "spice up your
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married life".- what tips do you have for newlyweds in our book? -how does cooking help in your marriage?
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3 for more information on spicing up your a reporter.. makes a baby cry. crying cryingthe jab emily took at
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this clii. - psy:" this is gangnam style" style"and.. what haapens when we try to do he "gangnam style." you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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phis week... we go "gangham sty.
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style"...we meet a toddler... who's not impressed. impressed.and i inform you guys.. what comes after the his figure.jam jimmy shows off - figure.and i "shiver me timbers!"all those things and more had us goiig... ssy what?! what?! how ya doin' there palie. maytee, itts going to be a beautiful sad face (reporter babbles) 22:24: :37:12- 22:24:42:17 steve " we've got clear skiee across the region today... from dusk til dark" boy starts crying anchor: oo, oh dan, don't make him cry.22:25:14:11 emily: something everyone's been talking about all morning... the turtle races.22:25:36604 emily: ready set go!reporter: i'd make a lousy politician. that's terrible. 22:25:41:24 emily oooh turtle races, rivettng stuff."kid sad face here22:26:20:26 emily brenna, brenna, who's going to win? i win!"kid sad face here 22:26:41:16 turtle hops fence, yayy!!22:26:32:25- emily: at
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least i didn't make a child cry this morning, so that's 22:23:59:02 candace: trrffic 22:23:42:29- meg/pat on cam: "fans are going gaga over lady gaga's new scent."22:24:17:06 jimmy it is not a pretty day but it is a pretty day for (edit jjmmy's vanna white pic over this pls)22:25:17702 patrice my eyes still blinking. joel i'm not sure if mine work anymore.22:24:04:16 - lady gaga" i wwnted it to smell slutty"22:24423:01 meg "i don't! what?!"-"this is jeopardy" intro... jeopardy timer music nats-22:25:15:16 meg : music for 1,000" 22:25:22:07- jjmmy "september 1958....number one song on the pop chart?"....-22:25:34:27 pat says "suggr, sugar the archies"- 22:22:35:00 traffic bird - candace "how is traffic today?"-22:25:42:10 :jimmy says "you are correct" -22:25:11:08 - candace sayy "cheaters, cheaters"- psy:" this is gangnam style"
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morning... september 20-navy music video nats22:24:03:08 tom: tomorrow is friday, sept. 22:24:09:24 -pat: is there 3 something special about tomorrow?- ganggam style nats 22:24:31:00 -steve: and tomorrow... is sept. 22nd.. laughter-ancs put on their sunglasses-anchors dancing nats
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you've made it to the weekend! what's the weather gonna be lik? forecast after the break. nats nats and... we draw the winner of
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our meet and greet with the "so you think you can dance" contestants... after the break. preak. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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the first lady comes to baltimore. the reason for michelle obama's visit on fox45 news at five.. the "so you think 3 you can dance live tour" willl be at the mooell performing arts center at the lyric on november 28th at are availaale now at ticketmaster dot com. com.all week we've been giving away tickets to the show... now we're giving away a meet and greet to one of our lucky w. &pwinners. 3
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áá7 day forecastáá
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